Pineapple Jam Recipe

Pineapple Jam is great as spread for breads and crackers. This jam is also used to fill your favorite pineapple pie or pineapple tart. Although I love pineapple jam to be paired with crackers as in the picture above (no bread at the time of photo taking), I love it more to be paired with the blander and softer loaf breads and pandesal.

I have recently learned that pineapple juice is highly beneficial for those with blood type A, O and B so I have been borrowing my sister's juicer to make pineapple juice. The juicer as expected creates pineapple juice and pineapple puree. The juice we drink but the pineapple puree? Well there are a couple of choice recipes and the easiest to make is Pineapple Jam. Pineapple Jam is a healthier alternative than mayo-based sandwich spreads. You may later wonder why we add calamansi in making pineapple jam as you read further into the recipe. I'd like to answer your query ahead. We add citrus fruits because they are high in pectin. Try observing the seeds of the calamansi. You may notice that its covered in gel. Yes, fruits high in pectin gels faster. Unfortunately, pineapples are low pectin fruits so we need pectin from calamansi and other fruits to create a sticky or gelling consistency. You may opt to not use calamansi or other high pectin fruits but then you have to add more sugar and wait a couple of hours to achieve the right consistency for Pineapple Jams.

1. Puree fresh pineapples. I used a pineapple juicer. You may use your blender especially if yours is heavy duty.

2. Boil water together with the calamansi juice and seeds and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain to remove the seeds.

3. Add the pineapple puree in the pan with boiling water and calamansi then continue to cook for about 20 minutes to soften the pineapples. The pineapples at this time will somehow turn transparent. Keep the pan covered as pineapples usually splatter.

4. Add sugar and salt. Stir. You may add more sugar as desired.

5. Continue to simmer for about 30 to 45 minutes. Stir the pineapple jam once in a while to prevent the bottom from burning.

6. Once the right consistency of pineapple jam is achieved, turn off heat. Allow the Pineapple Jam to cool to room temperature.

7. Place pineapple jam in bottles or airtight containers and serve as sandwich spread. Or use pineapple jam to fill pineapple pies or pineapple tarts. Enjoy!

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