Inihaw na Bangus

Milkfish or Bangus being the Philippines' national fish is a favorite among Filipino households. One quick and easy way to cook this fish is grilling it. We fondly call this dish Inihaw na Bangus. I especially love serving and eating Inihaw na Bangus because it is healthier and once the bangus is already stuffed with spices and loaded in the oven, all that's left to do is waiting for the oven to prompt that the Inihaw na Bangus is done. Simply convenient.

When buying Milkfish or Bangus, ask the fish vendor to keep the scales but remove the gills and make a slit on the side.  The slit and the emptied head are where we stuff all the spices in while retaining the scales will keep the moisture and prevent the meat from burning. If the scales are removed, you may cover the Inihaw na Bangus in foil when grilling.

1. Combine diced tomato and onion, minced or shredded garlic, olive oil, calamansi, pepper and 1/2 tablespoon salt.
2. Rub the insides and head of the Bangus with 1/2 tablespoon salt let stand for about 10 minutes then stuff it with mixed spices. Preheat oven using the highest temperature.

3. Using grill and broil function, grill Inihaw na Bangus for more or less 30 minutes. By the way, I lined the grill with foil here because I want to avoid scrubbing the grill after cooking. ;)

If you're using charcoal grill, ditch the foil unless your grilling the bangus without the scales on. And you may need to reduce the grilling time unless you're grilling a really large bangus.

4. While waiting for the Inihaw na Bangus to cook, make your favorite dipping sauce. Or you may combine calamansi, soysauce, vinegar and minced or diced onion, tomato and chili in a bowl. Refer to our Pritong Tilapia for the ingredients of the dipping sauce.

5. Once Inihaw na Bangus is done, serve hot with your favorite sawsawan and enjoy!

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