Tuna Lumpia Recipe

Lumpia is one of the dishes usually served in Filipino family gatherings like birthdays and fiestas. Lumpia has a number of variations but the more familiar ones are fresh and fried. My mother is a fan of fried lumpia and she's great at making lumpiang shanghai and lumpiang ubod. When I was a kid, I remember myself avoiding lumpia in our banquet table because almost always they contain vegetables like ubod or togue. Most kids hate vegetables and that's a fact. But growing up, everyone's taste preference changes so I now like to eat all kinds of lumpia even those with vegetables in it.

In my household though, the lumpia that my sisters appreciate the most when they come visit me is my Tuna Lumpia Recipe. It is easy and quick to make, the wrapping is the only step that takes most of the prep time. This Tuna Lumpia Recipe of mine makes lumpia that has a little strip of cheese in it but you can add a bigger slice in yours because the cheesier the merrier. :) I guess any dish that has cheese in it tastes good. By the way, I used a can of corned tuna here so there's no need to add seasonings but you can use tuna flakes in oil like I sometimes do. Just add more salt and pepper according to your preference.

1. In a bowl, mix tuna flakes, egg, diced onion and bell pepper.

 2. Add flour and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix again.

3. Add about a tablespoonful of the lumpia mixture in one corner of the lumpia wrapper. Add cheese at the center.

4. Fold, roll and seal. I used plain water to seal the lumpia wrapper here. Some brushes egg wash at the end corner but plain water will do just fine.

 5. Deep fry your tuna lumpia in medium heat until light brown. High heat will brown your lumpia fast leaving the filling raw while low heat makes your lumpia absorb more oil. Also don't overcrowd your pan.

6. Place your tuna lumpia in a plate with paper towels for excess oil to be absorbed.

7. Tuna lumpia is best served while still hot and crisp. Enjoy! :)

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