Royal Icing Recipe

Royal Icing is made of egg whites, sugar and some flavoring such as vanilla extract. You also add cream of tartar to increase the egg white's heat tolerance and volume as you're going to beat them senseless in order to achieve that coveted peak.

Personally, I love royal icing. It's my second favorite frosting in the world, second to chocolate. Why? Because royal icing doesn't cost much, pipes beautifully, spreads well on a cake, can be used to decorate cookies and many more. But the one thing that I most love about royal icing is it holds its shape at room temperature. I just can't imagine leaving a cupcake with buttercream frosting on the table for a couple of hours. If you wish to discover good things about royal icing yourself, make this at home. Scroll down as I show you how I make royal icing with an egg white and a cup of sugar to glamorize 6 cupcakes. Here goes....

1. Using an electric mixer on low speed, beat egg white for a few seconds and add cream of tartar. Beat again until foamy. It's important to bring your egg white at room temperature first before starting to work with it.

2. Add sugar 1/4 cup at a time beating after each addition.

Once all sugar is added, consistency of the royal icing is now somewhat thick and creamy.
3. Add vanilla extract and mix. Once fully incorporated, use highest speed and beat your royal icing until your preferred consistency is achieved. Go for soft peak if you intend to just smooth the royal icing on top of a cupcake using a spoon or stiff peak if you wish to swirl it using a piping tip. Refer to pictures below.

Royal icing at Soft Peak
Royal icing at Stiff Peak
4. Fill your piping bag with royal icing and test pipe on a plate. I actually used my DIY disposable piping bag here. For reference, check out this link.

One more thing, you can add coloring to your royal icing. You can divide the royal icing into two or three then add different colors to it. Beat the royal icing for a few seconds to incorporate the color.

5. Now go pipe away some more royal icing. Enjoy decorating! :)

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