DIY Disposable Piping Bag

Disposable piping bags are a whole lot less work when frosting your cakes, cupcakes or cookies. When done, you can throw them away without troubling yourself with cleaning up after. If you don't have a coupler for your decorating tips, this DIY  (do-it-yourself) piping bag is really great to use as the icing tips will really fit snugly. What I also love about this DIY piping bag is you can fill a whole lot of icing inside.  If you are not using any icing tips or don't have one yet or will only be using less than a cup of frosting, then a DIY piping bag made of wax paper might be more appropriate and easier to make. Check out the separate post here. If your icing calls for a star tip to create that pretty frosted cake, then this DIY piping bag will do the job for you.

Disposable piping bags are usually sold by 50's or 100's or more and if you only need one or two when there is a family occasion, then you definitely don't need to buy them piping bags. Just make one yoursel! :) This DIY piping bag might be worth your while. Read on...

Frosting cake using DIY piping bag and a closed star tip
1. Use a sturdy transparent plastic bag, the thicker the better. Fold forming a triangle. Cut.

2. Burn a bamboo stick. The heat will help us seal the open side of your DIY piping bag. You can also use a low burning candle. But my favorite is using a "katol", it's some kind of a mosquito repelling incense.

3. Fold the open end of your DIY piping bag and burn, lightly touching the edge. Inflate the piping bag to check if edge is successfully sealed. Make a couple of these DIY piping bags for future use.

 4. Snip the tip starting with 1/3" gradually increasing the cut until the hole is just about right for your decorating or icing tip. My icing tip here snugly fit when I made about 5/8" cut. Insert tip. Adjust as necessary until a tight fit is achieved.

5. Fill your DIY disposable piping bag with icing, tie the other end to prevent spillage and start decorating. Happy frosting! :)

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