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Disposable Piping bags are simply heaven sent when it comes to cake or cupcake decorating. Cleaning up after can be a pain in the neck when using reusable piping bags as some icing can leave either oil or some color that are a bit difficult to wash away. So disposable piping bags are trouble free as you can discard them after use. Disposable piping bags can be bought in 50's or 100 pieces or more per pack so if you are not a frequent cake or cupcake decorator, the knowledge to making one or two piping bags yourself can come in handy when a family occasion calls for one.

If you will only be using a small amount of icing or if you won't be using an icing tip, you can use this easy DIY disposable piping bag here. It is made of either parchment paper or waxed paper that you use for baking. Simply roll it up into a cone, fill it with icing, snip the tip off and you're ready to go. However, if you will be using a whole lot of icing or will be using some icing tips, I have featured another DIY disposable piping bag made of plastic here in a separate post. It is sturdier, can hold more frosting in and holds snugly any of your decorating tips without the use of a coupler.

But if your case is the former, then please read further... When you're done, please proceed to my other piping bag in this link. I promise you, it is definitely worth checking out. :)

1. Fold and cut a triangle out of your parchment or waxed paper.

2. Hold the triangle in a way that the center pointed corner is facing you. Bring the top left corner to meet the center pointed corner rolling to make a cone. Do the same with the top right corner wrapping it around. Have the left and right edges meet and overlap at the center. Adjust to create a tight perfect cone tip.

3. Fold the pointy rim of your DIY disposable piping bag to secure

4. Make 2 slits and tuck in the opposite direction to secure the fold.

5. Fill your DIY disposable piping bag with icing and tie the other end with a band or simply twist it to prevent the icing from spilling.

6. DIY disposable piping bag? Done! This is especially needed when only piping out some names on the cake or when you will be piping small amounts of icing in different colors. Now, go have a blast decorating. :)

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