Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I had my fair share of unsuccessful attempts when it comes to making buttercream frosting before finally getting to making one that could hold its shape when piped. I would say butter cream frosting maybe the least of my favorite among all icings not because it tasted the least awesome among its peers but simply because of some psychological issues like thinking of eating all that butter in. Say I finished all half a dozen cupcakes in one sitting which is not quite far from the truth ha!ha!, so that's about 1/4 cup of butter (shudder....) not to mention the sugar. Despite this and all the failed tries, I would still end up trying to make another go at it because buttercream frosting is simply quick to make and pretty when piped.

I made a Chocolate Buttercream Frosting here because my base cupcake is a Chocolate Cupcake. You may omit the cocoa of course and include a drop or two of your favorite coloring for that fancy colored buttercream icing. You may also use other flavors instead of vanilla to go with the color you picked. I hope you make it right the first time. :) Happy frosting!

1. Allow butter to soften at room temperature. Using an electric mixer on low, beat the cocoa and butter together.

One important note, the butter should not be too soft. It should still be a little cold but soft enough for the mixer to break it down. Refer to the picture above. This is important if you're whipping that butter on a sunny weather. Overly creamy or runny butter (just my observation) may result to a buttercream frosting that will have difficulty holding its shape although you can add more sugar to make it firmer. Personally, I shy away from extremely sugary frosting so I make sure to keep my butter as cold as my hand-held mixer can handle.

2. Cream butter and cocoa.

3. Add the sugar and beat again. Don't worry if it looks like it's not coming together real nice.

4. Add the milk and vanilla extract and beat till all the ingredients are incorporated. If you're doubling or tripling this chocolate buttercream frosting, add sugar in 1/2 cup additions plus 1/2 to 1 tablespoon milk. Beat after every addition.

5. Scrape and beat again but using highest speed this time until your chocolate buttercream frosting is smooth and stiff. If not using cocoa, you may add a drop or two of your preferred coloring here.

6. Fill your piping bag with the chocolate buttercream frosting and test pipe on a plate. By the way, I used my DIY disposable piping bag here. For reference, check out this link.

7. Now go pipe your chocolate buttercream frosting on your cupcakes or simply smooth it on top using a spoon. Enjoy!

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