Fried Adobong Puti

Have you tried eating a blonde adobo? This type of adobo is called "Adobong Puti". Adobo reminds me so much of brownies. Brownies have a lot of varieties, and one of them, the Blondie, the brownie that has no chocolate in them. Adobo is similar in the sense that it is cooked in many ways. Adobong Puti, the blonde adobo, is one of them.

Adobong Puti is called such because it is pale, like a blondie. In Adobong Puti, you ditch the ingredient soysauce which is the main reason for having that browned Adobo look. Although Adobong Puti is delicious as is, frying it brings it to a whole new level. And I love frying adobo especially this kind of adobo. This Fried Adobong Puti reminds me somehow of Lechon Kawali because it has a slight resemblance in terms of how it is cooked, boiling then frying later. Fried Adobong Puti is especially great for breakfast. Cook the Adobo the night before then hit the frying pan in the morning. Breakfast dilemma, solved!

1. Combine all ingredients, except oil, in a pot or in a deep pan. Cover and let boil.

2. Simmer until pork becomes tender.

3. Remove cover from pan and continue to simmer until water has reduced to almost nothing.

4. Add oil and let boil.

Sometimes, I clean the pan first before frying the Adobong Puti, this way, the pork doesn't stick to the pan. I do this usually when I will be frying the Adobong Puti for breakfast the next day.

5. Continue frying until pork turned brown and crisp.

This Fried Adobong Puti might not look pretty but I swear it's tastes better than it looks. :)

6. Serve your Fried Adobong Puti with your favorite sawsawan! Mine is sukang pinakurat. Enjoy!

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