Buko Salad Recipe

Buko Salad is for me, the most delicious of all Pinoy desserts. Plus, it's one of the easiest to make too if you exclude counting the efforts of the men in the house opening the young coconuts or have the buko shredded as you buy them. :) If you attend your friend's birthday party and a buko salad is displayed among a couple of desserts, which would you try first? My answer? Buko Salad, of course! In fact, I would eat Buko Salad first before I dig in to the main course if I can have it my way.

We've been to my husband's province so we brought home with us 10 pieces young coconuts. Buko or young coconuts by the way is sold at 15 pesos a piece here at our public market so it was great that we had the buko for free! If you notice, I don't include kaong in my Buko Salad here. My mother does, but I don't. You may if you want. You can also add more fruit cocktail and nata de coco if you want but I prefer mine to have less. Just make sure you don't overcrowd it with a lot of ingredients. You want your buko to be the star of your Buko Salad.

1. Shred coconut. Cut cheese into small cubes. Drain fruit cocktail and nata de coco.

2. Mix ingredients.

3. Add milk and cream. Place in the fridge until Buko salad's consistency has thickened.

I sometimes add some of the coconut juice in the Buko Salad and then add more milk or sugar. Mas masarap kasi minsan pag masabaw! :)

Buko Salad for one
Buko Salad for one still. A glass is not enough. :)
4. Serve chilled. Share Buko Salad and enjoy!

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