Like me, I bet you too love saba bananas. They're so versatile we can make them into really great stuff like turon! or banana cue, or banana chips, or minatamis na saging, or luyang and still so many others. One of the pinoy saba banana merienda i like a lot is Ginangnang. Have you ever tried this one? Or are you at least familiar with it? Well, Ginanggang is like the popular banana cue, it's also skewered in a bamboo stick, the difference is Ginanggang is grilled then lightly brushed with margarine and sprinkled with white sugar. Yum and healthier too!

I guess you may also call it grilled banana but we affectionately call it ginanggang here in Davao. It is called so because we sometimes use the term "gang gang" meaning heat over fire, or at least i heard my parents use this term. Ginanggang is grilled over charcoal but since I'm not great at creating fire using charcoal, i usually just settle cooking ginanggang using my convection oven. You should try this. It's simple, a healthy option and it tastes good too.

1. Peel bananas and skewer using bamboo sticks. You may also use wooden chopsticks like I did here.

2. Using grill/broil function, set toaster to the highest temperature setting, mine is about 480F, for 25 minutes. You may extend time if you want browner Ginanggang.

3. While still hot, brush with margarine or butter.

4. Sprinkle with white sugar. Serve hot and enjoy! So easy right? :)

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Anonymous said...

Do you know how to make "dinumog"?
It's another yummy recipe for saging n saba.

Jane said...

Hmmm.. I'm not sure what dinumog is. Maybe that's the luyang that we call here in Davao. Is dinumog made of saba banana + coconut + sugar? If yes, i'll make it in the future. We call it "luyang" and I'm a big fan too. I'm still thinking of a way to make it without having to use a big "lubok" or a big wooden version of mortar and pestle which we no longer have. The last time we made luyang, I was still in my early grade school years. :)

Salimpusa said...

Dinumog is a suman recipe from the Visayas. It is made from mashed (very) ripe bananas, coconut milk, glutinous flour and sugar wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until cooked. Bol-anons love that suman recipe.

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