Banana Cue

One of our classic Pinoy street foods is Banana Cue. I admit I am an avid fan of Banana Cue because they're delicious and cheap. I remember they are sold for only one peso during my grade school years, but now, banana cues are sold for 5 pesos a stick with only one big piece of banana on each stick! I missed those good old years when one peso can buy me a snack.

Times when I'm not in a big hurry buying groceries, which rarely happens because almost always we have other errands to do aside from just weekend groceries, I can leisurely look at all the goods where I'll be reminded to buy slightly ripened saba bananas. Overly ripe bananas are good for minatamis na saging but not for making Banana Cue, because they don't cling to the bamboo stick nicely. Read further to know how to cook banana cue if you wan't to try your hand on frying your own at home. It really is easy to do but will only make you sweat a bit because of the need for occasional stirring.

Now here's how I make Banana Cue at home.

1. Heat oil and load peeled ripe saba bananas.

I only used 6 bananas because there are only two of us to consume them. You can definitely cook more, say a bunch of bananas? :)

2. Add sugar then stir.

3. Occasionally stir, usually in a circular motion, so all sides of the bananas get browned and the sugar becomes evenly caramelized. As the sugar caramelizes, it will just attach itself to the bananas.

Yes you heard me right. :) The caramel will simply cling to the bananas as you stir. But if this doesn't happen especially if your bananas are not ripe enough, then you can distribute the caramel using a spoon.

4. Continue stirring until all bananas get browned and all caramelized sugar are evenly distributed.

5. From the pan, skewer the bananas with a bamboo stick. Alternatively, you can use a wooden chopstick like I did here. :) Then let your Banana Cue drip excess sugar on a wire rack or simply place on a plate. Serve hot and enjoy!

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