Garlic Bread Recipe

When we order pasta at a diner, almost always it is served with a toasted bread on the side, and I get especially delighted when it is garlic bread they are serving. But do you know why pasta is served with a piece of bread? Well...

They say the bread is used to sponge up the remaining sauce that is left on your plate after you've eaten all the pasta in. This makes sense because you are only handed a piece of fork and a knife. At home, we use a spoon to finish off the remaining sauce or even lick the plate when no one's looking. Ha-ha! Before and even after I knew this little piece of information, I still eat the garlic bread first. Who's going to stop me? I just love eating garlic bread as is that's why I make it at home.

For a more authentic looking garlic bread, you may use french bread but an ordinary loaf is good enough. I even use loaf bread myself most of the time. But in this post, I had to use a log-shaped bread for presentation purposes. Still, I didn't drive all the way to the nearest bakery that makes french bread. All I did was make use of my pandesal recipe from here, reduce sugar, form it into a log and proof it for 5 hours to make a hole-y bread.

1. Soften butter. You may cut the butter in pieces to shorten waiting time.

this is the bread I made out of my pandesal recipe
2. Slice 3/4" to 1" thick loaves.

3. Add the garlic and parsley on the butter.

4. Mix well then spread on one side of the loaf.

5. Bake in a preheated oven toaster at 400F for 5 minutes then broil for 2 minutes. Check your garlic bread because they could get burned any second.

You may actually just broil your garlic bread if you want crisp edges but soft center or when you only have a small oven toaster. You can even just toast it on a pan. Your choice really.
6. Serve your garlic bread hot from the oven. Enjoy!

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