Crunchy Pilipit Recipe

Every woman must have time for herself, especially married women. We sometimes call it "Me Time". This is the time when we relax, enjoy and think only of ourselves. I happen to think that this is really essential because we need to love ourselves so we can love fully in return. "Me Time" for me is reading a good book without any interruptions and having a cup of coffee or cocoa on the side with a cookie to nibble on. This is where my crunchy pilipit comes into play.

On one occasion, my husband and my big baby went off to a nearby mall to give me space. I happily seek the book I wanted so much to finish reading, made myself  a cup of coffee and took a couple of crunchy pilipit I made a day before. I felt the impulse of taking a picture first (hence the picture), then propped my feet up, placed a pillow on my back and started reading. What a glorious day! Well I only had simple joys. How 'bout you? Do you occasionally give yourself "Me Time"? If not, then I suggest you should. :)

1. Whisk together flour and salt.

2. Pour in slightly beaten egg, melted butter (optional) and evaporated milk.

Melted butter is optional because the Pilipit Recipe is ok without it. I sometimes had to add butter if I make them with one of my sisters in mind. Pilipit with a little butter is easier to bite into.

3. Mix well using a fork.

4. Scrape the sides so everything is in one lump. Using a mixer with a dough hook attachment, knead the dough for 3 minutes.

You can also use your hand here like I did because the pilipit ball of dough is only a little sticky.

5. Wrap the dough and let rest for 15 minutes.

6. Knead the dough a few times then divide in half. Keep the other half of the dough wrapped as you work on the other half. Roll in a log, flatten to about 1/2" thick and 3" wide and make slices of about 1/4" to 3/8" wide.

7. Roll thinly, about pencil thin, your palms rolling both ends in opposite directions. Bring both ends together, still rolling both ends in opposites but using your fingers this time. You may have to keep the rope-like dough hanging at times as the twist will come naturally when suspended.

For me, the secret to making a really nice pilipit shape is to continue rolling/twisting both ends in opposite direction until the tips are the only ones left untwisted.

8. Pinch both tips together securing the twist.

It may be challenging at first but twisting gets easier as you finish the last of your pilipit dough. So keep your patience in checkWho knows? Your new twisting skill may come in handy in other breads and pastries you'll make in the future. :)
9. Using medium heat, fry about 8 pilipit at a time until crisp and gets to a nice brown color. Do not overcrowd.

Overcrowding may result to lowering the oil's temperature allowing your pilipit to absorb a lot of oil, and you don't want that.

10. Place pilipit on a plate with paper towel for excess oil to be absorbed. Let cool.

11. In a pan, combine water and sugar. Using low heat, stir and simmer until sugar is fully dissolved and syrupy consistency is achieved.

If you have confectioner's sugar, use it instead of white granulated sugar I used here. Unfortunately, I seldom keep powdered sugar in the house so I had to use what's always available. There's not much of a difference really, it's only the longer time to dissolve sugar in water and the occasional sugar crystals you see in your pilipit which become more visible once sugar coating dries.

12. Dip each pilipit in the sugar syrup. I keep the syrup over extremely low heat just to prevent the syrup from hardening.

13. Place pilipit on a wire rack to drip excess sugar.  Once sugar coat becomes hard and dry, your pilipit is now ready to be served.

14. Munch on as needed. Enjoy! :)

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