Adobong Isda Recipe

One of my favorite fish recipes, might be one of yours too, is (drum roll please....) Adobong Isda. Why? First, it's adobo so it tastes good; second, it requires not a lot of ingredients; third, it doesn't cost much; fourth, it doesn't spoil fast, fifth, it tastes great when fried the next day, sixth... well, I could go on... and on... and on.. and bore you to death. But you see now why I am so fond of Adobong Isda Recipe, right?

Adobong isda definitely fits the profile of a good candidate for home cooking so every Pinoy must serve this on their dinner table. To show you how easy it is to cook, here's how I make my Adobong Isda.

1. Combine all ingredients except vinegar and sugar. Let boil then allow to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of your fish.

For adobong isda, I prefer using small to medium-sized matambaka (i think it is called big-eyed scad in english). If price of matambaka is steep, I use galunggong which we call "moro-moro" in Davao. I guess you can use other fish but I personally haven't really tried it aside from those two.

2. Add the vinegar and simmer for 5 minutes.

3. Add sugar according to taste. That simple! :) Turn off heat.

4. Serve hot! You can also fry any leftover Adobong Isda to create a really flavorful fried fish. Enjoy!

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