A Chocolate Birthday Cake

If someone would give me a chocolate cake for my birthday, I would definitely be delighted to take a bite at one with a generous chocolate frosting in it. Even your guests would eat the main course fast to take a plunge at your yummy birthday chocolate cake waiting for dessert. Sadly, the chocolaty ones are more expensive. :(

This is the reason why this chocolate cake recipe here is your alternative. Easy but lovely, and ... affordable. And after all your guests had taken a slice because you made a couple trays of chocolate cake, you can still have a big chunk or even a whole cake...all for yourself... Now that would be what I can call a very HAPPY chocolaty birthday. :)

The Icing
 1. Chop the chocolate block to bits.

2. Over very low heat, allow the all purpose cream to simmer. Do not bring to boil.

3. Pour the all purpose cream on the chopped chocolate and sprinkle the instant coffee. Let sit for about 10 minutes.

4. Stir to fully incorporate melted chocolate with the cream. Let cool to room temperature about an hour or more and place in the fridge for about 15 minutes. By this time, the chocolate have already thickened.

I don't like waiting an hour so I just usually cool the chocolate down a bit and place in the fridge while I bake the cake. :)

This chocolate icing is thick and can be piped on your chocolate cake. If you'll only spread the chocolate on top, you may check out my Buttermilk Chocolate Cake, the chocolate icing there has a thinner consistency which makes it easier to pour and spread plus you can have more volume of icing with the same half block chocolate.

The Cake
5. Sift together the flour, cocoa, baking powder and baking soda.

6. Whisk in the sugar and add the melted butter, lightly beaten egg and vanilla extract.

7. Mix everything well.

I love this cake recipe a lot because I only have to use one bowl. Most of us love baking but we hate cleaning up after. :)

8. Add hot water and mix.

9. Bake your chocolate cake in a preheated oven toaster at 350F for about 20 minutes.

10. When a toothpick comes out clean when inserted, your chocolate cake is done. Let cool on a wire rack.

Frosting the Cake
11. If you want a darker icing on your chocolate cake, you may pipe the chocolate icing as is. But if you wish for a lighter shade, then beat it first for a couple of minutes.

See the dark and light shade of chocolate in the picture? Yeah, that's what I am talking about. :)

12. Pipe the icing on the cake. I used the #27 icing tip.

By the way, the piping bag I used here is an improvised piping bag, a sturdy cellophane I can throw out after use. I hate cleaning up after especially piping bags. They have this complicated shape that's really difficult to clean. :) I have blogged about this DIY disposable piping bag made of cellophane in this link here so please check out that tutorial.

If you don't have a cellophane, you may make a piping bag made of wax or parchment paper instead. You may refer to this tutorial here.

13. Pipe chocolate on the sides as well.

Usually, I frost the sides first, but this time, I am not quite sure what to do with the sides. Besides, the icing is just enough, so I prioritized the top part of the chocolate cake. :)

14. Refrigerate the chocolate cake or serve immediately. Your call. :)

15. You may also simply spread the icing on top just like what I did with the Buttermilk Chocolate Cake then pipe some cute shapes on top. Enjoy!

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