Arroz Caldo Recipe

My earliest memory of arroz caldo is going to Bankerohan, biggest public market here in Davao, accompanying my mother very early in the morning, eating arroz caldo. Back then, I hated the stuff, must be because of the ginger. But now that I've grown in years, I already love eating arroz caldo especially if each serving includes 2 hard boiled eggs, and so does my husband and kid. :)

Do you usually have leftover rice and worry that they'll soon meet your garbage bin? Let me tell you that arroz caldo might just be your solution. Leftover rice in our household either becomes garlic rice or we recycle them for congee. In this case, we'll use our leftover rice for arroz caldo. When you're done making this arroz caldo recipe here, you can no longer tell that that steaming thing in your bowl is that same lifeless hard leftover rice you almost threw in your bin. :)

1. Saute garlic till brown.

Add the garlic immediately without waiting for the oil to heat up. This way, you'll get nice brown toasted garlic. You may saute more minced garlic and take some off to be used for garnish before adding the onions.

2. Add the onions and ginger.

3. When the onions turn transparent, add the chicken cube to melt.

4. Add the chicken and saute till the slices turned nice light brown color. They're done if you can no longer see pink raw meat.

5. Add the leftover rice and fish sauce. Mix. You may opt to use uncooked rice here probably about 3/4 cup.

6. Add water and let boil. Simmer for 15 minutes to soften the leftover rice. Consider extending your simmer time depending on how old your leftover rice is in your fridge, because I noticed that the older your rice is, the harder the grains are. :) Stir occasionally to prevent the rice from sticking at the bottom of the pot.

If you're using uncooked rice for your arroz caldo, you're going to have to simmer it longer until the rice is cooked. Add water as necessary.

7. Add the eggs and the sliced white stem of the spring onions. Also add pepper and salt. Stir then turn off heat.

8. Garnish your arroz caldo with spring onions and toasted garlic. Serve hot and enjoy! :)

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