Yema Recipe

Yema is a very addicting Filipino candy. I can finish a pack in one sitting. It's very popular among Pinoys that's why different variations of Yema are made available in the market. Here in Davao, we have the Durian Yema which is also a favored "pasalubong" aside from the sought after Durian Candy. Aside from diverse flavors, Yema is also made with different consistency. This Yema Recipe here is the gooey type, the one where you can have fun with the kids turning it into different shades and forming into different shapes, like clay!

Of course you could leave this in its original caramel brown color and form this into the conventional small yema cubes wrapped in yellow water cellophane, but where's the fun in that? :) Kids are the ultimate market of yema so it would be nice to add some color like red and blue and other extract like langka and orange, aside from the usual vanilla. So try this now and have fun with the kids! or if you're doing this Yema Recipe by yourself, then I would suggest you have a blast and awake the child in you. :) Enjoy!

1. Melt butter in a pan using low heat in order not to burn the butter.

2. Add the condensed milk. Stir to mix butter and milk. Cook for 5 minutes, still using low heat.

3. Add the beaten egg yolk and stir till egg yolks are fully incorporated, still using low heat.

4. Add vanilla extract and pounded peanuts. Stir.

5.  Now set your fire to medium and cook for 10 minutes, yema will now thicken. Stir in order not to burn the bottom.

6. Lower the heat when you notice the yema no longer holding on to the surface of the pan. Continue to cook for 5 minutes stirring.

7. The longer you cook the yema, the harder it is when it cools down. So experiment which consistency you like the most. Start with using 15 minutes after adding the peanuts then you can shorten or lengthen time according to your preference.

8. You may add a few droplets of food coloring. Here I used blue and red to arrive at green and orange color. Ask the little ones to help out.

9. When the yema's temperature is already tolerable, you may now form it into any shape you want. You can even use toothpick or coffee stirrer to make the kids some yema lollipops. When the yema starts to harden thus becoming harder to shape, you can reheat it to soften it a bit.

You may also form it into a log first then cut it into small bite sizes then wrap in water cellophane. Don't restrain yourself from popping one into your mouth or your kids'. Again, what's important is have some fun, fun, fun!!

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lalaine said...

This is very different from how I make yema but the addition of peanuts sounds delicious. Must try :)

Savina Fabregas said...

Hi could you give the recipe of the type of yema that's hard then chewy inside? :)

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