Tuna Nuggets

Fried stuff are kids' favorite. My nephews and my son would call all coated fried meat whether it be pork, chicken or fish to be fried chicken. They love fried chicken or fried chicken nuggets so much, maybe that's the reason why Jollibee is so popular with kids. When you serve chicken nuggets on their plate, they would lovingly ask you, "chicken?" and you would nod and say "yes, fried chicken". Even when you serve them Tuna Nuggets, they would still ask you "chicken?" and you would again say "yes, chicken". And when they eat and finish it all thinking they're chicken, you would then suppress a victorious laugh by yourself in the kitchen. :)

I had done this, i hope you did too so I wouldn't think I'm weird. Ha-ha! Nevertheless, it's good to feed kids fish since they're nutritious. Making nuggets out of fish, or in this case Tuna Nuggets, will not only make the fish look like fried chicken nuggets but the coating will seal the juice in, making the nuggets still moist inside.

1.  Squeeze the calamansi over the tuna. Use your fingers and rub the juice over the tuna to make sure that the calamansi will be distributed to all the slices.

Calamansi takes away the "lansa" from the fish. Sorry but I don't know the english translation of this tagalog term. Maybe someone can translate this for us. :)

2.  Sprinkle salt and pepper over the tuna. Again use your hands so that the salt and pepper will be evenly distributed to all slices. Let stand for about 10 minutes.

3. Beat the egg and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Dip both sides of the tuna.

4.  From the egg, transfer the tuna in a plate with cornstarch sprinkled with salt and pepper. Coat then fry.

Use one hand when dipping in egg and use one dry hand when coating with cornstarch. This makes breading more manageable and less messy.

5.  Fry the Tuna Nuggets till brown and put on a plate with paper tower to absorb excess oil.

6. Voila! Our Tuna Nuggets are done!..

You may pipe the sides of the plate with mayo-ketchup dip. The cuter the drawing, the more the kids will be motivated to eat your Tuna Nuggets. You may also let them design their own tuna nugget dip on their plate. Let your kids' imagination run wild! :)

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