Tortang Talong

Tortang Talong, or Eggplant Omelet in English I think, is one of my favorites. Actually my mother only serves us a very simple Tortang Talong dish with only the eggplant and scrambled egg as the ingredients. I had experimented a little bit and added meat as it makes the dish better. 

Although Tortang Talong is a personal favorite, I seldom cook it, not because it is time consuming because it is not and not because it is complicated because it truly is not, but because of the simple reason that....drum roll please..... I hate peeling the skin off the eggplant and makes the kitchen counter messier that it normally is. :) So I only prepare Tortang Talong when I got time on my hands and am craving for one. Oh by the way, this dish can help you dispose of any leftover pork chop or fried pork since you can use them up for this recipe instead of frying fresh pork meat.

1. Heat the eggplants over your stove. You can also grill them by the way. When all the eggplant skin turns brown or changes in color, it's done. This process makes it easier to peel eggplant skin off.

2. After step no. 1, the eggplants will look like this. If you don't have leftover pork, fry some, about 3 slices.

3. Peel eggplant skin off and slice the fried pork  into very small cubes. You may also use fried ground pork.

4. Beat the egg. Add salt, pepper, minced garlic and sliced onions.

 5.  Flatten the eggplants with a fork and dip the bottom side in the beaten egg.

Make sure to keep the pointed end intact since this makes transferring the eggplants from the plate to the frying pan easier.

6.  Top the eggplants with the cubed pork and pour half of the beaten egg over the eggplants distributing the garlic and onions on top.

7.  Heat oil and fry 1 eggplant at a time or 2 at most.  Place one eggplant in the pan and pour the remaining egg over.  Do the same with the rest of the eggplants. Fry each side till brown.

8.  Place the Tortang Talong on a plate with paper towel to absorb excess oil. Serve with toyomansi with chili and enjoy! :)

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