D-I-Y Donut Pan

If you've read my post Baked Chocolate Donut Recipe here, I'm sure you've known that I don't have a donut pan myself but was still able to make a donut. According to Plato "necessity is the mother of invention". In my case, my obsession to that picture perfect chocolate donuts led me to improvise, to arrive at this D-I-Y Donut Pan or donut mold. Yes, I've shared my story here. That post was quite a long one I hope I hadn't bored people to death with all my babbling. :)

That being said, I'll now quickly move on to this D-I-Y Donut Pan tutorial. Here goes...

1.  Cut 2 cardboard strips: one 20" long and one 2.75" long. Both are 7/8" wide.

2. Overlap and staple both ends to give you one small circle and one big circle.

3.  Use a cookie pan or a flat cake pan and arrange the cardboard circles flat on the surface. This is it! This is my D-I-Y Donut Pan.

4. Pour batter in and bake. Please select donut recipes with thick batter for these donut molds to work its magic. :)

5. Allow the donuts to cool on a wire rack. Then, push the center circle out and use a bread knife to scrape the outer circle off the donut.

6.  That's it! Once you've successfully done this, you are now ready to venture on other donut recipes. There are simply a lot of recipes out there. Most are beautifully decorated with toppings. Best of luck! :)

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