Polvoron Recipe

Do you know anyone who doesn't like polvoron? I think Polvoron is every kid's favorite. And for the kids at heart like us, Polvoron will always have a special place in us. There may be lots of flavors of Polvoron right now, pinipig, chocolate, cookies and cream, but for me, nothing beats the classic. When I go to Goldilocks, my heart always roots for the classic Polvoron. But once in a while, I cook Polvoron for my baby as it will only cost me half the price of the store bought ones.

My baby's playmates actually often ask me if we still have Polvoron in our fridge, even days after the Polvoron has long been consumed. One even asked me if I could sell my Polvoron to her because she really likes it. When serving to your kids, you don't have to use polvoron mold every time and form it into circles or ovals because it is tedious. Just use paper cones as shown below. Reserve the mold or press when you are giving these delightful Polvoron as gifts.

This is how we usually eat our polovoron :)
1. Toast flour using medium heat until light brown about 20 minutes. Stir to prevent the bottom from burning.

2. Let cool and transfer to a bowl.

3. Add powdered milk and mix well.

4. Add sugar and mix well. I sometimes substitute a cup brown for white sugar since its healthier and gives a pretty texture once pressed.

5. Add margarine (or butter) and mix well. Add more if your Polvoron can't keep its shape.

6. Using a Polvoron mold, fill then press.

7. Place the formed Polvoron in the fridge, this will help keep its shape, makes a firmer Polvoron. Serve or Cover with colored cellophane and give as gifts. or.....

Form paper into a cone then add Polvoron. Close opening by folding and overlapping. 
Use your hand so the newly sealed opening will not unravel. 
Cut a new hole in the pointed tip. You may now consume your polvoron. 
Enjoy bonding time with kids or simply reminisce your childhood. :)

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thank you for the thorough and detailed explanation. I am trying to start a polvoron business and this helped a lot

Jane said...

you're welcome. :)

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