Humba Recipe

Humba. This dish is one of my favorites and I know one of yours too.  At a glance, Humba may look like Adobo to you, but a closer look will tell you it's not. The addition of black beans and banana blossoms is what sets Humba Recipe apart from the sweet variation of Adobo dish.  Other than that, I think there's nothing more of a difference.  Humba is equally delicious as your favorite Adobo, if not more.

When cooking Humba, it is best to use pork belly and fry it longer before adding the spices or before proceeding to step 2 below.  This way, more fat will be released from the pork and add to the sauce. You may also use other pork cuts, just make sure to use those with fat in them. The fat is what adds to the appealing look and taste of Humba Recipe.

Are you ready now to try this dish? Browse steps and ingredients below. Happy cooking! :)

1.  Heat pot and add oil. Put in the pork. You will notice that water will come out from the pork. Cook until oil replaces water and pork starts to brown.

2.  Move the pork aside. Saute garlic till brown.  Add onion and saute till transparent.

3.  Mix pork and spices. Add soy sauce, bay leaves and peppercorn.

4.  Add the Sprite or lemon soda and simmer for 30 minutes. Add water as necessary till the pork softened.

5.  Add vinegar, black beans and sugar. Simmer for 5 minutes.

6.  Add banana blossoms and simmer in low heat for 5 minutes.  Please check your banana blossoms before adding. You may need to rinse it first because I notice that some have a lot of salt in them.

7.  Serve this sumptuous Humba dish to your family and enjoy! :)

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