Chicken Popcorn Recipe

Chicken popcorn is my baby's favorite when it comes to chicken dishes and may well be your kids' too once you serve this on your table. Every time I cook this dish, my baby and the daddy usually eat all of the first batch of chicken popcorn before the second batch will be done frying. Actually this is the first chicken dish where I don't have to mash the chicken before feeding it to my big baby, that's why i love this chicken popcorn so much.

If you love fried chicken, I'm sure you'll love this dish. And if you love spicy, you'll love this Chicken Popcorn Recipe even more. You can actually add more chili if you want a spicier kick. I invite you then to try this dish and tell me what you think.  :)

1. Slice boneless chicken into small cubes. Add salt and pepper and mix well. Allow to rest for atleast 10 minutes.

2. In a plate, mix flour, chili, salt and pepper.

3. Dip the chicken in the flour. Shake off excess flour and transfer the chicken in a plate.

4. In a bowl, beat egg and add salt and pepper. 

5. Divide the chicken into three or four batches. Dip a batch of chicken in the egg then in the flour mixture then fry.

6. Fry till brown and place over a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

7. You may now serve your chicken popcorn while still hot and crispy. Don't forget to enjoy! :)

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