Whole Fried Chicken

I like fried chicken and I’m sure you do too, who doesn’t? I also know that you like roasted chicken (lechon manok) and roasted pig (lechon baboy). Most of the lechon I have tasted uses lemon grass to give the meat a really good aroma. That is how I came up with this fried chicken recipe.

My mother used to request this dish from me and I always expect that the whole chicken will magically transform into clean bones in only a couple of minutes after serving. Two things I like about this fried chicken recipe are: it involves less effort and it only uses four ingredients, 3 of which I have to buy: chicken, ginger and oil because we have lemon grass in the backyard. Please try this fried chicken recipe and tell me what you think. :)

1. Tie the lemon grass into a knot and pound the stalks and leaves. Slice the ginger. Put these together with the water in the steamer then boil. You may also put some of the lemon grass inside the chicken.

2. Once boiling, put the chicken over and cover. Steam for 45 minutes.

Yeah, this is the lowest part of the steamer where the ginger and lemon grass give the steam its distinct aroma.

3. Allow the chicken to cool and drip off excess water.

4. Spread the salt and pepper. Distribute evenly.

5. Heat the oil then fry the whole chicken for 12 minutes each side.

I sometimes extend the cooking time depending on my mood. There are times I would prefer a rather dry and very crispy wings and legs, other times I want them moist. Also adjust cooking time depending on the size of the chicken.

6.Voila! My favorite fried chicken! Serve hot with sukang pinakurat.

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