Tinolang Isda

When we were young, my mom always cooks for us Tinolang Isda especially when we get sick. The sick child is served with tinola together with a kilo og lanzones and a kilo of rambutan plus a bottle of royal tru-orange softdrinks. It is great for someone who has fever or colds because aside from it is fish (a healthy meat), it is a soup dish making it easier to swallow and digest. This is also good for babies because this is what I have been serving my big baby ever since. I also love the fact that you can add green leafy vegetables like spinach and malunggay. This is a quick and easy dish to prepare and a healthy one too.

1. Boil water and put in the lemon grass, ginger, onion, and the white part of the spring onion. Simmer for 5 minutes.

2. Add the bangus (milkfish), tomato, salt, pepper and umami seasoning. Simmer for 5 minutes then take the lemon grass out. Continue to simmer for 5 more minutes.

Please note that once you load the fish, avoid stirring or if you simply can’t stop yourself from stirring, then by all means just stir on the sides and avoid bumping the fish because the meat may break causing the soup to turn grayish in color and the fish to look less appetizing.

3. Add the spring onion and malunggay then turn off heat. Let the remaining heat of the water cook the malunggay.

4. My Tinolang Isda! You may notice that I added a pinch of ajinomoto umami seasoning. My mother cooks Tinolang Isda this way, so without the seasoning, the taste would be kinda different for me. This is just how I like it. The umami seasoning is optional of course. Serve hot and enjoy! :)

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