My Hanabishi Electric Mixer

If you wanted to try baking, some of the recipes may need the aid of an electric mixer. It will save you time and soooo much effort. Imagine yourself whisking fast for a couple of minutes, now that would not be a great sight. :) With that much strain you’ll be putting your arms into, I’m sure you’ll be giving up baking in no time.

So enough of the drama…… yes my friend, you will need to buy this small machine.

You know I’m a novice at baking if you’ve read the rest of this blog already but a beginner has some story to tell and somehow an advice she’s more than eager to share with those who are willing enough to pay attention.

When I bought my electric mixer online, I chose the cheapest one with a good review. I bought mine at It cost me a little over 500 pesos since I availed of the 20% discount at that time. I chose the cheapest mixer because I was not sure if I would like baking myself and at least it would hurt less if I just stow away an appliance causing me a small fortune.

My hanabishi electric mixer has 5 speed buttons. I usually use the number 1 especially if the batter is heavy. But the faster speeds come in handy especially if i’m making a frosting.

It also has 2 attachments: the beaters and the dough hooks. Most of the time i use the beaters. I have tried the dough hooks when making pizza and pan de sal. One setback however is the motor stops if the batter becomes too heavy to handle. You will have to wait for a couple of minutes before the motor starts running back up. No worries there.

After baking cookies and cakes a great deal, I considered my decision to purchase hanabishi electric mixer, a good one.

If you’re on that stage where you have already decided to buy an electric mixer, next question to come to mind would be whether to buy yourself that stand or that hand-held electric mixer? If you’re a beginner like me, my personal answer to that would definitely be a hand-held electric mixer.

-   You can stow away the hand-held mixer away out of sight. Since I don’t use mine everyday, I’d like the option of stowing away the mixer inside the cabinet, occupying a small area only. Lesser clutter on the kitchen counter, the better. Yes, rhyming not intended.

-    I’d like to take control of the bowl and its contents. I usually tilt mine a bit, one you can’t usually do with the stand mixer.

-   This was the biggest consideration of all. The stand mixer is way more costly than the hand-held. An expense that is not so practical for a beginner baker.

There are times of course I wondered what it would be like to have that stand mixer. You know having 2 free hands and extra time to do other stuff. I remind myself every time, “hey you cant afford and its so impractical”. Unless of course you’re going to use it for business purposes, a stand mixer might be good.

Although my hand-held mixer had never given up on me, I’d now wished I bought myself a heavy duty one. If you ask me advice, you should go for a heavy duty mixer immediately. It might be more expensive, but it will do the heavy works for you. The major set back I have with my hanabishi hand-held electric mixer that I mentioned earlier is that it stops if it heavily labors on mixing dough, although thankfully it restarts after a couple of minutes of not using. You simply had to keep your patience in check. I figured I have to pay the price of purchasing cheap.

If I had to live all over again and have much more cash on hand, I’d still buy a hand-held electric mixer but would definitely opt for a heavy duty one.

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amie said...

Thanks for this review. :) Can you name an affordable heavy duty brand?
I checked other forums though and some mentioned 3D and Imarflex if the budget is below 2K.. What brand would you buy aside from KitchenAid?

Jane said...

Hi amie. I'll probably buy an imarflex hand mixer the moment my hanabishi mixer breaks down. although I've been dreaming to have a kitchen aid myself and have been eyeing their hand mixer up that costs 6k. i haven't seen any other brand of mixers that interests me.

Anonymous said...

try the hanabishi professional stand mixer. it has an aluminum bowl and an extra plastic bowl. it has dough hook, paddle attachment and balloon beater. has 8 speed and capacity of 4.2 liter. it doesn't cost much around 4k or less. mine was bought online at for 3.5k

Anonymous said...

When choosing a hand mixer, try to choose the one which has chrome beater attatchment instead of the stainless steal ones. Both of them are stainless steel but the chrome beaters beat a lot more easier and whip much more air to batters.

Chrissy said...

I just bought it here at last week! > hanabishi hand mixer I love this one!! it helps me a lot in my baking recipe :)

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