Microwave oven or Convection oven??

First of all, I gotta tell you, I am soooo glad I bought an Imarflex oven toaster. I have no what if’s and what could have been’s after purchasing this oven. Contrary to my purchase of electric mixer where I’d wished I’d done a little differently, purchasing this oven gave me not the slightest regrets at all, I thought I made it right the first time! I don’t wanna sound like I’m advertising here, I just want to share just in case you are also contemplating on buying one yourself.


But looking back, choosing to buy and which to buy was not an easy task…

Why do I desperately wanted to buy an oven? Well let’s see:
- i wanted to cook mouth-watering pastries
- bake bread and pizza!
- bake creamy pasta
- grill fish and roast chicken, pork and beef
- reheat food
- and the list goes on and on….

So yes my friend… We owe it to ourselves to buy some good ovens to create good food and enjoy life.

After deciding to buy, the next question would be how much could you afford. That time I decided, I could only afford as much as P3,000. Then there was this microwave oven I liked so much at Lazada.ph, it looks sturdy and pretty, an Imarflex microwave oven. Well, i had to let this go because it is way over my budget. In fact, it’s more than double my budget. Ha-ha!

My next option was actually this, a Hanabishi microwave oven. It costs P2,600 at that time so it’s just right for my budget. The problem is I really wished to have an Imarflex oven. The reviews I read online was the brand was good and Imarflex Philippines have a service center here in Davao just in case the oven breaks down.

Good thing I came across their version of oven toaster. The same as the one I purchased. The Imarflex oven toaster can bake! When we hear of oven toaster, we visualize it to be small and can only reheat food and toast bread. But this is bigger and can bake and roast chicken. Yes I’ll say it again, it can bake and roast chicken! They even talked about this particular oven here.

Why it can bake and how it’s different from microwave ovens???
Consulting wikipedia…

Microwave Oven, as the name implies, uses microwaves that passes through the food to heat it. Microwaves according to wikipedia again are non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation higher than ordinary radio waves but lower than infrared light.

Convection Oven on the other hand uses heating elements like rods. They are situated on top or bottom, others are embedded in the walls. Mine has 2 metal rods on top and 2 more at the bottom inside the oven. Convection oven has fans that circulate air around the food to provide uniform heating.

I am not an expert here so it would be best to read more articles about microwave ovens and convection ovens on other sources especially its impact on food. It gets kinda more scientific that is hard to explain. :) Ultimately, they both heat food, but the temperature and/or the cooking time may vary. These two may even vary with different brands and models. So it would be best to use thermometer to be really exact or you have to observe the food you cook from time to time till they’re done. That's why I would suggest that if you decide to go buy one, choose an oven that has a transparent door so you can take a look at what's happening inside. Opening the oven door from time to time before your food is done cooking (especially baking) may not be a very good idea.

Going back to my decision, well, it took me months browsing back and forth to the Hanabishi microwave oven then to the Imarflex oven toaster. Mind you, I also checked out models of the same brand and other brands. There are simply a lot of choices out there. It’s really up to you.

In the end, I bought the Imarflex Oven Toaster (but more of a convection oven really) because….
- It has rotisserie and I’d like the roasting of chicken as my option.
- Its cost was a little over P3,700 that time less 10% so its down to P3400. It’s a little over the budget set but still ok.
- It can also broil, you know giving the food a brown look on top. And it can grill. The broil and grill function can be achieved by turning the fan off and using only either the top or the bottom rods at a time.
- The highest temperature this oven have is 500 degrees fahrenheit. So far, I haven’t encountered a recipe I’d like to try that requires temperature higher than this yet. So great.

So there, I hope I have helped you somehow on your decision. The key here is to get a lot of information and don’t rush things up, ok? Now go, contemplate some more. :)

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kenneth jim chavez said...

Hi san po nabili sa davao yung imarflex? Is it oven toaster talaga? Or the 3 in 1 convection oven ng imarflex?

Jane said...

Hi ken. I got mine from Lazada.ph. What I have is an "Oven Toaster", this is according to the box label. Mine though is larger than most of regular oven toasters. It can bake, grill, broil which makes it 3 in 1. It has fans to circulate the heat just like other convection ovens. The fans I think is the main distinction between oven toasters and convection ovens which makes me believe that what I really have is a convection oven.. Sorry for this long explanation here cause I'm a little confused myself. :) I am sticking though to its original name "oven toaster" mainly because I have the option to turn off the fan, so it's kind of a cross between a convection and a toaster oven.

cheekeegirl said...

Hi! What Model of Imarflex "oven toaster" is this? thanks

Jane said...

hello cheekeegirl. this is the imarflex oven toaster IT-180RS. :)

lilebeth said...

i had same oven but not same brand been making 10' cakes, cupcakes, roast chicken, steaks and pizza. its brilliant i bought mine in gaisano mall at 1,800 seriously i always wanted an oven and its a miracle but havent have money that time. i was spoting it like an eagle for 1 week and no one baught it (maybe because its hidden) so beg my hubby to buy me one before i regret it forever. and i was surprise its the last item on the display i was so happy she is mean for me. (tears) best buy ever. always looking for oven like mine never see same anywhere.

just wanna say i love your site so much. especially the diy dougnut pan and muffin too. ohhh keep it up. i will keep on checking this site and hopefully we could exchange knowledge. i love baking and im enlighten to find a talented caker in davao.

fan of lazada as well i ordered my kyowa stand mixer in there.

Jane said...

hi lilebeth. love your comment above. I've seen pictures of your baked goodies, i must say they look mouthwatering. ;) your oven indeed is a great buy. :)

Cecille Duque said...

Can I bake cupcakes using this unit with 2 pans at the same time?

Jane said...

Hi cecille. Yes you can bake 2 pans but I don't recommend it. I have tried it but baking takes longer and you have to swap the bottom pan to the top so they'll bake uniformly. the problem is it's not advisable to open the oven door often as it lowers temperature and affects the baked goodies.

Cecille Duque said...

Hi Jane, thank you for your advise. I found this hanabishi 30liter convection oven for 3,150 only. Will give it a try since it has bigger space. :)

Cecille Duque said...

Hi Jane, thanks for the advise. I found this hanabishi 30liter convection oven for around 3000 pesos only. Any idea if this brand is okay for an oven? Or should I take at least 23liter capacity for bigger space? Because the imarflex you are using is 18liters.

Jane said...

Hi cecille. I could not really vouch for a hanabishi oven. if you ever decide to buy one, please share with us your experience with it. I am interested myself considering the bigger capacity plus the lower cost. :)

Nathalie said...

Hi Jane, may I know what's the biggest size of baking pan you can use with this oven? Thanks in advance! ^_^

Jane said...

Hi Natalie. I would say the biggest pan size you can use for this oven is 10" x 10". :)

kenetzky said...

Hi, i have the small over toaster version without fan. the standard typical oven toaster where there is no tempareature button but the time only. Is it possible to still roast a chicken and for how many minutes? for instance, chicken breast or legs/wings?

Jane said...

hi kenetzky. The fans are there to evenly distribute the heat coming from the heating elements like the rods in my case. In your case (no fans), you really have to observe your oven toaster as I believe there will be spots where the heat will be more concentrated. Try covering your chicken in tin foil during cooking to minimize, if not avoid, some burnt spots. and the smaller the cuts, the better. I have tried using grill/broil function in mine (fans are off) when cooking pork barbecue for 30 minutes using highest temp, pork is 1/4" thin. In your case for chicken, you may have to turn the timer again and again (timer for small OT usually is just 15 minutes, right?) until your chicken is thoroughly cooked, there will be no other way around it but to observe, check chicken from time to time. Hope this helps. :)

Amarie said...

Hi! I have also my Imarflex 3-1 Convection oven, 28 liters. However, I tried baking cake twice and both are failed. The top was burnt, and inside is a lava. However, I discovered that I only turned on the upper rod, when I think it should be both upper and lower, right? What can you advise me to avoid the burnt and gooey mess? Btw, I love your cupcake/muffin tins alternative, and also the frosting bag :)

Jane said...

Hi Amarie. Yes, upper and lower rods should be turned on except when you're only broiling in which case you only turn on the upper rods. Did you switch on the fan? It's the oval button above the timer. The fan will help to distribute the heat during baking. The placement of the tray and the thickness of your cake will also matter. Also, some people cover their cake with foil to prevent the top from burning. Hope this helps. :)

Amarie said...

Hi Miss Jane! Thanks for the advice. The fan is on, which I think is also the reason that the cake managed to be baked somehow even the upper rod was just the one turned on. Will do your advice. More power!

Rita said...

Hi. I was also on the road to get the same Imarflex as yours but i couldn't get it again from the shop. However i saw one called Elekta. What is your advice about it before i buy it. Any words?

Jane said...

Hi Rita. Sorry I'm not familiar with this brand so I could not give any thoughts about it. I'm not sure if that brand is even available here in the Philippines. Goodluck with buying a new oven. :)

Ladie May said...

Hello po! Ask ko lang po sana ano po ang unit ang nabili nyo, nalilito po kasi ako between Imarflex IT-180RS Oven Toaster at Imarflex IT-180CS Oven Toaster kung alin ang mas better. Mas mahal kaunti yung 180CS. Thanks so much po! I will greatly appreciate your response po.

Jane said...

Hi Ladie. I'm not sure if mine's the CS or the RS, i had thrown out my warranty papers years back. but i think it's the RS, rotisserie, mine came with roasting accessories.

marktiaz salvatera said...

Hello. Can you please suggest some nice oven for baking cupcakes? I want to start my own business but I don't know what oven to buy. Please help. Thanks

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