Lechon Kawali

Every Christmas or New Year, is there a dish that you would always wish your mom would serve on the table? Ours? That would be Lechon Kawali. It simply is delicious. But this must be eaten as close to the time it was cooked because it loses its crispiness and it’s more yummy when served hot.

When I got married, every month I would purchase a kilo of pork belly for this particular pork recipe only. Of course we would not consume it in one sitting, even if we wanted to, we can’t finish it all because there are only three of us, me and my husband plus our big baby. For me, Lechon kawali becomes more delicious if paired with sukang pinakurat. And be sure to cook a lot of rice when you serve this one.

1. Boil water and put in the pork belly, bay leaves, peppercorns and 1 tablespoon salt. Simmer for an hour. Add water as necessary.

2. Turn off heat and pour water out. Allow the pork to cool. Pat dry to remove excess water. Spread salt evenly.

3. Heat oil and fry the pork under low heat for 5 minutes each side. Remove from pan and let cool. You may skip this part if you are in a hurry but I tell you, this step makes the pork skin crispier.

By the way, what I usually do at this point is store the almost done LECHON KAWALI in the fridge. A kilo is about 3 pork bellies equivalent to 3 meals for us. So when I wanted to serve lechon kawali for breakfast, I just take one belly out and fry it. You may do this also if you are cooking for yourself or there are only two or three in your household. But if you wish to serve it all, then by all means proceed to step 4.

4. Fry the pork in medium heat till brown and crispy about 10 minutes per side depending on the thickness of the cut.

5. Remove from pan. Slice and serve hot!

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