How to Make Ice Scramble

Okey, here’s the thing. I’m not really going to make the ice scramble from scratch as some of you might expect. :) Sorry for that. You see, I saw this ice scramble packet at the groceries and I got excited, tried it at home and it was great! Each packet only costs 26 pesos. Once you add crushed ice, each packet can make 2 to 3 glasses depending on how big your glasses are. ;) We also bought packets of chocolate shake which my big baby likes. This one is cheaper by 3 pesos compared to the ice scramble packet. Although both are deliciously refreshing, I prefer the ice scramble over the shake because the shake melts faster. I think this is due to the fact that the ice scramble’s consistency is thicker than the shake. Anyways, there are different flavors to choose from. To name a few, there are chocolate, pandan, mango, and cookies and cream.

One equipment you need here is the blender. If you have ice crusher, you may use it also then just use an electric mixer when combining the ice scramble or shake powder with the ice. Here though, I’m going to give you a glimpse of how I made mine using the blender.

1. First is you need crushed ice. I don’t use ice cubes because my blender just can’t handle it. I don’t have ice crusher too. If you don’t have one like me, please scroll down because I’m going to show you my little trick.

1.1) Use a 3″ x 10″ ice cellophane to make yourself an ice tube.

1.2) Put water but give an allowance to where you’re going to make a knot.

1.3) Push water down and hold the end tight.

1.4) Twist. This makes tying a knot easier and it secures the water down so you’ll have a fuller ice tube.

1.5) Knot tied. Put in the freezer to harden.
2. Now to crush the ice, use the flat bottom part of a spoon to strike the ice. A bigger spoon is preferable. Hit the ice. Think of the ice as the face of your annoying neighbor. Ha-ha! Just kidding.

3. Cracks in the ice looks like this. Hit as many times as possible till the ice cracks to smaller bits. Open the cellophane and empty it in the blender.

4. Combine the ice scramble or shake powder with the ice using a spoon then blend till a smoother texture is achieved.

Ice scramble powder, double dutch flavor. Needs 2 pcs 3″ x 10″ ice tubes to make 3 glasses.

5. Serve immediately. This glass of ice scramble approximately costs 10 pesos.

Chocolate shake powder. Needs 2 pcs 3″ x 10″ ice tubes to make 3 glasses. You may actually add sugar if you prefer a sweeter blend.

5. Add sago (tapioca pearls) in your chocolate shake if available. You may check this link on how to cook sago.

6. Serve immediately. This glass of chocolate shake approximately costs 9 pesos. Enjoy! :)

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