D-I-Y Tube Pan

Have you experienced a lot of let downs when making chiffon cake or angel food cake? It might be because you beat the egg whites wrong, or folded the egg whites in a hurry, or might be because you cool it down without inverting? If your reason is the latter and you tell me that you can't invert it because you didn't use tube pan and you didn't have tube pan in the first place, then I might be able to help you.

I don't have a tube pan myself and I only occasionally make chiffon cake or angel food cake, so buying a tube pan has not yet come to mind. We can however make substitutes for baking supplies like my muffin pan alternative or in this case, my do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) tube pan. But why do we need a tube pan for cakes like chiffon and angel food cake?

Well, a tube pan is a cake pan with a hole in the middle. The hole assists a uniform heating throughout the cake since oven heat reaches the center last, having a hole in the middle allows heat to reach from center to side and side to center allowing the cake to set fast and bake evenly. Also, cakes like chiffon and angel food cake which becomes fluffy uses the side and center walls to stick and find this structure support to hold itself up, otherwise the center usually sags a bit when cooling down. Also the center of the tube pan allows you to put a bottle so you can invert it and cool it upside down so the cake will not flop down after cooling. So with that, I will now proceed to sharing with you how I make my own version of D-I-Y tube pan.

1.  Cut a cardboard in rectangle shape. I recycled my big baby's milk carton here cause we have lots of it in the house.

The height of the cardboard is about 2" higher or more than the height of your pan. Diameter is about 2" to 2.5" depending on the size of your pan or depending on how big you want your cake's center hole to be. Staple sides together.

Cut about 1/2" slits on the base about 1/4" to 1/2" apart. The closer the slits the more perfect your round hole becomes. Fold outward and spread.

2. Cut a wax paper in square shape. Fold three times and cut a hole in the center. Make sure the hole fit snugly with our cardboard.

3. Fit the wax paper in the center hole. Adjust as necessary. Then cut off the excess wax paper on the sides.

For a stronger hold, you may not fully cover the whole bottom with wax paper. Give about 1" exposed space on the bottom of the pan so when you invert the cake to cool, the cake will securely hold onto the bottom of the pan as well as the sides.

4. Now put the wax paper in place and fill the pan with batter.

5. You are now ready to bake those initially intimidating holey cakes.

Convinced? Why not try this d-i-y tube pan and see the difference in the fluffiness of your chiffon and angel food cake. If you have great success with this, please feel free to: click share buttons. Subscribe to our mailing list. Like our facebook page. Or post a comment and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you. xoxo :)

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Im so excited to your other new recipe...... can you give me your pizza dough? i tried your pandesal......... tnx a lot. im happy also to learn about cupcakes molder...... tnx a lot for the tips......

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