Corn with Malunggay Recipe

I still have a piece of corn in the fridge because I only used 1 piece for my bulalo recipe. I was afraid the corn would get spoiled if it stayed there for a day more. So I decided to do the corn and malunggay recipe for dinner. By the way, if you can buy the young native corn, use it for this dish. It's much more preferable.

Usually if I serve a vegetable soup over a meal just like this one, I pair them with fried salted fish or fried salted squid. This is how it usually is in the province, the perfect pair for ‘Law-oy’, a mixed vegetable soup, is fried salted fish. We almost always have salted fish in the house.  So for this meal, I only spent 20 pesos for the soup and 30 pesos for the salted squid. Most of the meal budget goes to fruits. I and my husband were happy with our dinner but the big baby isn’t so much delighted because he doesn’t like vegetables. But the mom that I am is. One of my goal in life is to push vegetables and fruits down my baby’s throat. :)

By the way, it’s important to note that malunggay is like a miracle vegetable. It is high in nutritional value and costs nothing if you have one planted or your neighbor. So without further ado, here’s the corn and malunggay recipe.

1. Shred the corn.  

2. Mince the garlic. Slice the onions.

3. Saute the garlic till brown then add in the onion.

4. When the onion becomes transparent, add in the shredded corn and beef cube. Stir till the beef cube melts.

5. Pour water and simmer for 10 minutes.

6. Sprinkle the pepper and simmer for another minute. Then add in the malunggay leaves and stir. Turn off the heat and cover the pot. Let the remaining heat cook the malunggay leaves for a minute or so.

7. Serve hot and enjoy! Eat with salted squid....yum! :)

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