Atchara Recipe

If you have a papaya tree in your backyard, just like me (mentioned it here already), and don’t know what to do with your green papaya, you can use this atchara recipe (a pickled papaya recipe) and make yourself an appetizer or a snack. Yes, a snack. Actually, I’m typing here while also eating atchara. A while ago, I was eating atchara in front of the TV. This is better compared to eating junkfood. :)

I have seen lots of atchara images, but this atchara, for me, looks really appetizing. So here’s the recipe.

1. Peel papaya. Cut open and remove the seeds.

2. Shred. Try to aim for a longer strand cause i think the Atchara will look more appetizing this way.

3. Sprinkle a tablespoon of salt. Toss so that the salt will be distributed evenly. Let stand for an hour.

4. Julienne the carrots, white onions and bell pepper. As much as possible, the slices should be as thin and as long as the papaya.

5. After an hour, squeeze the papaya using a piece of cloth and remove excess water. In a bowl, place together the papaya, carrots, white onions and pepper.

6. Mix vegetables together. The color is great, right?

7. Heat the vinegar using low fire. Add in the sugar, salt, garlic, ginger and peppercorns. Stir till the sugar and salt will be fully dissolved.

8. Pour liquid over the vegetables. Mix well. Store in a tight container and refrigerate.

9. Serve chilled or at room temperature. This is best paired with grilled meat. A number of restaurants here in Davao serves chicken or pork barbecue with Atchara and unlimited rice. Busog sarap! :)

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