Green Mango Shake Recipe

My green mangoes may not be immaculately pretty, but who am I to complain if I only got them for free? Yes, we went to my husband’s folks and got these along with free bananas and young coconut. Lucky, aye? :)

The problem was, well it’s not so much of a problem really, my stomach gets upset if i eat green mangoes with vinegar and salt or with soysauce and sugar or with spicy bagoong. Fortunately, years back, I was able to try green mango shake and loved it. And so my problem of consuming the green mangoes before they get spoiled is solved. I searched the net and found the mango shake recipe from this site. I made a few tweaks due to the availability of ingredients and of course the taste I preferred.

If you have green mangoes, this mango shake recipe is a must try.

1. Cube the mango or slice them to bits.

You may notice the meat is yellowish because it is now starting to ripen. It took me a few days to remember to try making a fruit shake out of my green mangoes.

2. Blend till smooth. I added 1 tbsp water to jumpstart the blending. You may add evaporated milk instead. My blender just can't move the mango unless I added a little liquid first.

3. Add sugar and powdered milk. Blend again.
4. Looking smooth and yummy. Add some more sugar or milk according to preference.
 5. Add crushed ice. Blend again.

6. Voila! My green mango shake. Yummy and nutritious!

I made two glasses for me and my big baby. This green mango shake recipe is really good and it doesn’t cost much. Try this yourself! Enjoy! :)

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