Arroz Caldo Recipe

My earliest memory of arroz caldo is going to Bankerohan, biggest public market here in Davao, accompanying my mother very early in the morning, eating arroz caldo. Back then, I hated the stuff, must be because of the ginger. But now that I've grown in years, I already love eating arroz caldo especially if each serving includes 2 hard boiled eggs, and so does my husband and kid. :)

Do you usually have leftover rice and worry that they'll soon meet your garbage bin? Let me tell you that arroz caldo might just be your solution. Leftover rice in our household either becomes garlic rice or we recycle them for congee. In this case, we'll use our leftover rice for arroz caldo. When you're done making this arroz caldo recipe here, you can no longer tell that that steaming thing in your bowl is that same lifeless hard leftover rice you almost threw in your bin. :)

Simple Everyday Cake

Let me first tell you that I looooove this cake.... not because it's fancy but because: it's simple, tastes good, requires not a lot of time and toasts very well. Just my kind of everyday cake. :) See the toasted slices below? The slices almost taste like those toasted muffins sold at the grocery stores here in Davao. I am such a fan of those toasted muffins or toasted mamon as we call it, every time we make a short stop at the convenience store closest to our residence, we always buy those toasted mamon cause the taste is great and the texture is divine.

Anyways, my big baby loves the cake as is so I toast a few slices only for my consumption. This cake toasts very well because it is dense like a pound cake. Actually, it is almost like a pound cake, but the vegetable oil I included makes a more open crumb. But for the purposes of this post, I'll just refer this cake as pound cake since the term "simple everyday cake" is such a mouthful. I hope you'd understand. :) Oh, may I just add, if you have unexpected guests and by chance have this pound cake sitting in your kitchen, you can definitely serve them coffee with this simple cake on the side. Hindi kayo mapapahiya. Promise! :) 

Chocolate Oatmeal Brownies

I love brownies and i bake them so my big baby can bring some to school. What's great about brownies is you can add some things to make them on the healthy side like peanut butter, some grains, some nuts and more. These additions not only make brownies healthier but they make them brownies prettier too! :)

So for this brownies recipe, we'll add oatmeal. You can use either instant oats or the quick cooking ones. For the base chocolate brownies, I'll be using my easy chocolaty brownies then I used this oatmeal brownies recipe from here to top my chocolate brownies with. I tell you, oatmeal complements well with chocolate brownies and if you haven't done this Chocolate Oatmeal Brownies yet, then I would suggest you give this a try and thank me later. :)

Banana Cake

Every time I have banana cake for snack, I always remember my childhood because I use to buy them from the sari-sari stores near our house. I enjoy those moments. Sari-sari stores back then sell banana cake and cassave cake, but now, not anymore. I wonder why. Hmmm... 

But every time I eat these delicious banana cakes, I also remember one very vivid memory. My grade school teacher used to ask me to sell the cakes for her. My commission? For every 5 slices I sell, she gives me a piece. I went to public school during my elementary years and being a good student that I am, I could not refuse even if I wanted to. Who would? It's teacher's mandate. I wasn't good at selling but I did manage. I hope that, that teacher no longer do it these days. For whatever its worth, the banana cakes did taste good. That memory is deeply embedded in my head and in my taste buds which is why, I am posting this recipe. I recreated in here a banana cake whose taste is closest to those I had growing up. I hope you'll like it. :)

Cinnamon Langka Pancakes

We call pancakes as hotcake in our household and we don't usually put anything on top or pair them with anything else. We just eat the pancakes as is. Oh, right, if we have margarine, we put margarine on top and sprinkle with sugar. This is how we do it and most of the pancake street vendors. If you do this too, I would suggest you visit this recipe since this has less amount of sugar and best with our margarine + sugar topping or spread. Or if you're looking for pancakes to complement your hotdog or bacon for breakfast, I would still point you to that link

But if you plan to eat the pancakes as is to be paired with Coke or coffee for afternoon snack, then I would recommend my Cinnamon Langka Pancakes.  The cinnamon is perfect with langka (jackfruit) extract imparting a very delicious aroma to our pancakes, that is why I only used vegetable oil instead of butter to save a bit. But if you have butter, melt it and substitute it to oil, this Cinnamon Langka Pancakes will become more delightful than it already is. :)