Pork Adobo Recipe

I just blogged about Adobong Puti here, and I felt that I should also blog about its dark brown counterpart, called simply as Pork Adobo. Adobo is cooked in many ways and using different main ingredient, be it chicken, chicken innards, squid, vegetables like string beans and many more. Oh of course Pork, like in this Pork Adobo Recipe here.

Fried Adobong Puti

Have you tried eating a blonde adobo? This type of adobo is called "Adobong Puti". Adobo reminds me so much of brownies. Brownies have a lot of varieties, and one of them, the Blondie, the brownie that has no chocolate in them. Adobo is similar in the sense that it is cooked in many ways. Adobong Puti, the blonde adobo, is one of them.

Fried Chicken Barbecue in Pandan Leaves

Ok, this is not a chicken barbecue recipe, maybe partly. It's more like a cross between a chicken barbecue and a fried chicken. It's like you're ultimately planning chicken barbecue for dinner marinating the chicken ahead but instead of hitting the grill after, you decided to have fried chicken instead. And don't forget to use pandan leaves. A pandan leaf makes all the difference.

BTW, i got mine from my mother's backyard. You can get yours from your local grocery store or public market, or if you're lucky, from your neighbor. :)

Buko Salad Recipe

Buko Salad is for me, the most delicious of all Pinoy desserts. Plus, it's one of the easiest to make too if you exclude counting the efforts of the men in the house opening the young coconuts or have the buko shredded as you buy them. :) If you attend your friend's birthday party and a buko salad is displayed among a couple of desserts, which would you try first? My answer? Buko Salad, of course! In fact, I would eat Buko Salad first before I dig in to the main course if I can have it my way.

Fried Pork Chop

At home, magic sarap and crispy fry is our language when we're talking pork chop. What about when these two things are absent or when one is totally against packed seasoning mixes? Good old salt and pepper is the way to go. Coating with flour also helps keep the pork chop's juices in.