Ginisang Hipon

One of the easiest and fastest dish to make is this Ginisang Hipon. This shrimp recipe is perfect if you are alone or there are only two of you in the house and you'd like to cook something up fast for dinner. But....'Wag ismolin. Ginisang Hipon might be easy to make but it's delicious. You can finish a whole pot of white rice for this. So you better loosen up that belt. This dish might cause a sudden change in your waistline. :)

Simple Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Ground pork is almost synonymous to meatballs. And when I see ground pork in the groceries' meat section, my mind always gives a mental image of sweet and sour meatballs. And each time I am cooking sweet and sour meatballs for dinner, the dish never fails to take me a decade back, in those years when I was in college sitting in one of the chairs of a particular carenderia at the back of our college campus, ordering 20 pesos worth of lunch: 15 pesos for the sweet and sour meatballs and 5 pesos for the rice. That carenderia is special because their dishes are extremely affordable and fairly delicious.

Pork Giniling Recipe

I love ground pork especially if made into Pork Giniling dish. Unfortunately, pork meat is not a healthy meat choice. But this doesn't stop us from using our pork giniling recipe when cooking that frozen ground pork sitting in our fridge. So to make the guilt go away, or at least lessen it a tad bit, you can increase the ratio of potatoes, carrots and green peas with the ground pork meat plus add hard boiled eggs. This way, you can indulge yourself with your favorite "giniling na pork" without feeling extremely guilty, if not guilt free. So I'm sharing to you my version of pork giniling recipe I make on ordinary days for my big baby.

Adobong Manok Recipe

When I was still single and living in my parents' house, I have no clue whatsoever when it comes to cooking. I can fry fish and cook rice, but other than those, well, let's just say, I'm better at doing the laundry and cleaning the house than cooking. During those times when my mother is not at home and we have chicken to cook in the fridge, I would only expect two dishes: pritong manok or adobong manok. And when it's lunch or dinnertime we're talking about, the chances of having adobong manok on the table is about 90%. :)

Sarciadong Isda

One of the fish recipes I like is Sarciadong Isda, most Pinoy like it using tilapia probably except me. I simply don't like how tilapia meat tastes. I think it tastes like soil, although I haven't tried tasting soil myself. :) To those who like tilapia, please don't be mad. We have likes and dislikes, right? In my case, it's tilapia. My husband, on the contrary, LOVES tilapia (emphasis on the word love, he's such a fan of this fish). On some special occasions though, like my husband's birthday, I cook dishes using tilapia, kind of a treat for him. But tilapia is not the star of this post, it's Sarciadong Isda. Sorry I blabbered too much, I get sidetracked sometimes. Moving on...