Oven Toaster Pork Barbecue

Love pork barbecue but hate firing up charcoal? Just use your oven to grill them tasty barbecue. You'll slightly miss the nice meat aroma caused by charcoal grilling, but other than this, not much of a difference really. :)

Adobong Pusit

When we have squid in the fridge, the first dish to come to mind is.. Adobong Pusit. You guessed right. So here it is. :) From fridge to plate. I tell you, my mother is a big fan of adobo and she has rubbed off on me big time. My mom makes everything into adobo: pork adobo, chicken adobo, adobong isda, adobong kangkong, Adobong Pusit, adobong sitaw, adobong tahong, adobong bituka, adobong palaka, you name it, she has probably done it.


Like me, I bet you too love saba bananas. They're so versatile we can make them into really great stuff like turon! or banana cue, or banana chips, or minatamis na saging, or luyang and still so many others. One of the pinoy saba banana merienda i like a lot is Ginangnang. Have you ever tried this one? Or are you at least familiar with it? Well, Ginanggang is like the popular banana cue, it's also skewered in a bamboo stick, the difference is Ginanggang is grilled then lightly brushed with margarine and sprinkled with white sugar. Yum and healthier too!

Ginisang Hipon

One of the easiest and fastest dish to make is this Ginisang Hipon. This shrimp recipe is perfect if you are alone or there are only two of you in the house and you'd like to cook something up fast for dinner. But....'Wag ismolin. Ginisang Hipon might be easy to make but it's delicious. You can finish a whole pot of white rice for this. So you better loosen up that belt. This dish might cause a sudden change in your waistline. :)

Simple Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Ground pork is almost synonymous to meatballs. And when I see ground pork in the groceries' meat section, my mind always gives a mental image of sweet and sour meatballs. And each time I am cooking sweet and sour meatballs for dinner, the dish never fails to take me a decade back, in those years when I was in college sitting in one of the chairs of a particular carenderia at the back of our college campus, ordering 20 pesos worth of lunch: 15 pesos for the sweet and sour meatballs and 5 pesos for the rice. That carenderia is special because their dishes are extremely affordable and fairly delicious.