A Chocolate Birthday Cake

If someone would give me a chocolate cake for my birthday, I would definitely be delighted to take a bite at one with a generous chocolate frosting in it. Even your guests would eat the main course fast to take a plunge at your yummy birthday chocolate cake waiting for dessert. Sadly, the chocolaty ones are more expensive. :(

This is the reason why this chocolate cake recipe here is your alternative. Easy but lovely, and ... affordable. And after all your guests had taken a slice because you made a couple trays of chocolate cake, you can still have a big chunk or even a whole cake...all for yourself... Now that would be what I can call a very HAPPY chocolaty birthday. :)

Pandesal Recipe

You wouldn't believe it if I tell you how many times I have failed making Pandesal. I have tried a number of recipes from the internet and always ends up with firm pandesal when all I wanted is to have airy Pandesal like what the bakeries here produce. My sister, after getting tired of bringing my failed pandesal to my parents' house for too many times already, finally commented: "You need to let it sit for a couple of hours before baking, I think that's what bakeries do".

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

We all know that Peanut Butter is AWESOME!!! I used to tell my siblings and my friends that peanuts are one of God's greatest creation and it is so great that people figured out to make a spread out of them. Yeah I reflect on things food. Am I nuts? Maybe a little. :) I used to wonder why a friend of mine refused the peanuts I offered for her to munch on while travelling. Why would someone refuse the awesomeness of peanuts? Later, it dawned on me that she's probably avoiding pimple attacks. People say that peanuts may trigger those attacks. Thank God I'm not prone to pimples, otherwise I'd be missing the greatness of peanuts and peanut butter

That being said, you would understand when I tell you that my eyes grew the size of tennis balls that night I saw peanut butter jars in the grocery store sold on a 'buy one take one" promo. I just couldn't believe my eyes! I was so elated to arrive there before all the peanut butter jars sold out. The catch is we had to consume them fast before the expiry date. So I had to make them to something which led me to using some in this Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies here. 

My sister and a friend thought that my chocolate peanut butter brownies were great. I hope you do too. 

Arroz Caldo Recipe

My earliest memory of arroz caldo is going to Bankerohan, biggest public market here in Davao, accompanying my mother very early in the morning, eating arroz caldo. Back then, I hated the stuff, must be because of the ginger. But now that I've grown in years, I already love eating arroz caldo especially if each serving includes 2 hard boiled eggs, and so does my husband and kid. :)

Do you usually have leftover rice and worry that they'll soon meet your garbage bin? Let me tell you that arroz caldo might just be your solution. Leftover rice in our household either becomes garlic rice or we recycle them for congee. In this case, we'll use our leftover rice for arroz caldo. When you're done making this arroz caldo recipe here, you can no longer tell that that steaming thing in your bowl is that same lifeless hard leftover rice you almost threw in your bin. :)

Simple Everyday Cake

Let me first tell you that I looooove this cake.... not because it's fancy but because: it's simple, tastes good, requires not a lot of time and toasts very well. Just my kind of everyday cake. :) See the toasted slices below? The slices almost taste like those toasted muffins sold at the grocery stores here in Davao. I am such a fan of those toasted muffins or toasted mamon as we call it, every time we make a short stop at the convenience store closest to our residence, we always buy those toasted mamon cause the taste is great and the texture is divine.

Anyways, my big baby loves the cake as is so I toast a few slices only for my consumption. This cake toasts very well because it is dense like a pound cake. Actually, it is almost like a pound cake, but the vegetable oil I included makes a more open crumb. But for the purposes of this post, I'll just refer this cake as pound cake since the term "simple everyday cake" is such a mouthful. I hope you'd understand. :) Oh, may I just add, if you have unexpected guests and by chance have this pound cake sitting in your kitchen, you can definitely serve them coffee with this simple cake on the side. Hindi kayo mapapahiya. Promise! :)