Crunchy Pilipit Recipe

Every woman must have time for herself, especially married women. We sometimes call it "Me Time". This is the time when we relax, enjoy and think only of ourselves. I happen to think that this is really essential because we need to love ourselves so we can love fully in return. "Me Time" for me is reading a good book without any interruptions and having a cup of coffee or cocoa on the side with a cookie to nibble on. This is where my crunchy pilipit comes into play.

Adobong Isda Recipe

One of my favorite fish recipes, might be one of yours too, is (drum roll please....) Adobong Isda. Why? First, it's adobo so it tastes good; second, it requires not a lot of ingredients; third, it doesn't cost much; fourth, it doesn't spoil fast, fifth, it tastes great when fried the next day, sixth... well, I could go on... and on... and on.. and bore you to death. But you see now why I am so fond of Adobong Isda Recipe, right?

Adobong isda definitely fits the profile of a good candidate for home cooking so every Pinoy must serve this on their dinner table. To show you how easy it is to cook, here's how I make my Adobong Isda.

Banana Chips

One of the major local produce in our side of the country is banana and we have helped the country by exporting fresh bananas abroad. It's only a couple of years back that I knew we export not only fresh bananas but also fried ones we call banana chips. Some of you may not even pay attention to those banana chips sold at the groceries favoring the potato chips over our own, but hey! we should patronize our local products, even other countries love them. I've heard though that those banana chips for export are more delicious (sigh).

Chicken Curry Pinoy Style

I got my first taste of chicken curry when I was a freshman in high school and immediately liked it. My husband on the other hand didn’t like his first time and that was 5 years ago when i first introduced the chicken curry dish to him. Maybe I wasn’t a better cook then or maybe his taste buds still need to get accustomed to the spice curry. Some people are like that right?

Garlic Bread Recipe

When we order pasta at a diner, almost always it is served with a toasted bread on the side, and I get especially delighted when it is garlic bread they are serving. But do you know why pasta is served with a piece of bread? Well...

They say the bread is used to sponge up the remaining sauce that is left on your plate after you've eaten all the pasta in. This makes sense because you are only handed a piece of fork and a knife. At home, we use a spoon to finish off the remaining sauce or even lick the plate when no one's looking. Ha-ha! Before and even after I knew this little piece of information, I still eat the garlic bread first. Who's going to stop me? I just love eating garlic bread as is that's why I make it at home.